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Stopping Hate

There is this movement that has taken social media by storm.  It has been a trending topic, and had millions of views on Youtube and Vimeo.  The movement I am talking about it Stop Kony 2012.  This movement was started by Invisible Children.  An organization that has a main mission is to mainly raise awareness of plight of the Ugandan kids. 

They do help out the people there as well, but raising awareness is paramount to helping people that are not in America.  Since most Americans do not really know what is going in their own backyard, it is important to use everything at your disposal to get the work out.

Now, that the entire introduction is out of the way, here is the disclaimer:  I am for what they want to accomplish.  Stopping a man that has been hurting people, and stealing children is a noble cause.  I am not saying criticizing a non-profit for how they manage their money is not bad.  However, many people don’t know what the company does until Wednesday.  However, I want to stop and think of the, “What’s next?” 

What is next?  We are all for this campaign to stop a man that is doing evil.  We all want to do our part, if it may be minor, we want to help.  What I want to say is, after all this is done, do we forget the other men and go on with our lives?  Is there a continuing of this practice of bringing people like these to justice, or do we go back to caring about who is sleeping with who and all those dumb reality TV shows.

What I would like to see this is as the beginning of changing and that social activism will continue.  Social activism has caught on in a big way.  It was big when SOPA and PIPA were going to be voted into congress.   Now the Stop Kony has once again shown what social activism can do, but will it end?

I want to see that after this more campaigns to stop these kinds of people. However, I have a sense that this will only be a fad.  Are we the generation to finally realize that we have the power to change things, or will be go back to caring only about ourselves.

Do you want to be the change?

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